USING Lubricator King® single point automatic lubricators –
Will Improve Engineers’ Maintenance Return on Investment & Equipment Availabilities in 17 Ways and More:
1. Reduces Repairs
Lubricator King® will Increase your Equipment’s bearing life.
2. Reduces Man-Hours
Lubricator King® replace time you are using for manual lubrication that are full of errors and provide your sections staff with time to do more Important work, but they will still do Legal inspections on Equipment and confirm on their task lists that Lubricator Is Lubricating and when its due for Replacement however will no longer need to do Interval Greasing.
3. Lubricator King® Eliminates Machine Downtime
by reducing bearing failures thereby increasing production.
4. Lubricator King® Eliminates Product Spoilage
by controlling amount of lubricant to the bearing.
5. Lubricator King® Reduces Energy
requirements by increasing machine efficiency (lowers bearing friction).
6. Lubricator King® Increases Machine Output
by reducing down-time from bearing failures caused by poor lubrication and maintenance practices
7. Lubricator King® Improves and directly contributes Health and Safety
Artisans or Operators no longer need to touch grease with their hands (which we all know happen in Manual Greasing) and now Health is safeguarded with no Petroleum entering your Staff’s skin. No Mobile Machinery Risk of Driving to remote sites to grease, and no climbing on or over the machinery. Also safe lubrication of bearings inaccessible due to gas, fumes, height or movement.
8. Machine Tolerances
are maintained longer by consistent automatic lubrication provided Fail-Proof by Lubricator King®
9. Better Housekeeping
A closed, sealed system eliminates lube spillage or excess grease application. Machines remain cleaner. No spillage or excess lube promotes safer environments for workers.
10. Lubricator King® Promotes More Efficient Lubrication
A). Lubricates while machine is running.
B). Delivers the right lubricant, in the right amount, at the right time.
11. Lubricator King® Prevents Waste of Lubricant
by dispensing controlled amounts.
12. Lubricator King® Reduces Rejects
by maintaining closer bearing tolerances, which allow for closer product tolerances.
13. Lubricator King® Eliminates Bearing Contamination
by supplying lubricant from a closed circuit. Most Operators / greasers do not clean grease fittings before manually lubricating them. Lubricator King® seals your application and All Contaminant Risk is Eliminated.
14. Lubricator King® Purges Bearings
in dirty work environments. Lubricator King automatic lubricators will purge or flush bearings thus reducing bearing failures due to contamination.
15. Lubricator King® Purges seals
Lubricator King lubricators efficiently maintain a positive grease flow through labyrinth seals ensuring maximum operating efficiency of the seal and minimizing the risk of bearing contamination
16. Lubricator King® Eliminates the problem of moisture degradation of grease
Wet conditions, humidity and condensation rapidly degrade the grease’s lubricating properties. Lubricator King lubricators ensure a constant replenishment of new grease,
17. Bottom Line
Lubricator King automatic lubricators reduce End-user’s costs thereby allowing companies to increase profits and remain competitive in the marketplace.
Major Cost Savings, Time Savings and RETURN ON INVESTMENT is indeed Possible with Lubricator King®.
a. Lubricator King O.E.M. Head Office and All Certified Retailers Provides End Users with Free A2 Team Posters to Track the Change Overs of their Lubricators, ISO9001 Identification Tag/Stickers for the guards of the equipment where you will be using your Lubricators and 24Hrs Technical Support. This Provides you with Excellence Rating in your Sections / Site where in ISO and Management Audits regarding your Lubrication Practices.



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